Built by Books

In the spirit of #WorldLiteracyDay , Aurora Learn created the hashtag #builtbybooks , where we get to talk of books that have built us so far.

Before we move further, I need to mention, I’m not a ‘book-person’, I’d rather watch a good movie in my free time, or if I’ll task my brain at all, it should be something that’ll give me immediate results when I’m done. The truth, however, is that if you want to be effective in this 21st century, you have to be a ‘book-person’, you have to read, and make a habit of it.

So here’s my Twitter thread of a few books I forced myself to read and truly, was worth every second and kobo (I’m Nigerian, we don’t use penny):

Now, me being ‘me’, decided to take it a step further and talk about these books, and why they matter so much to me.


The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About it.

– By Michael E. Gerber

This book! Oh this book!
So it happened about this time last year, when I was ready to take my brand, Afropelo, to the next level and go into full time manufacturing; I was ready to start doing business. I went to my ‘book guy’ (I should write a post about this guy, cause he sure knows his stuff), and asked for a business book. I knew I needed to learn something, anything! Then he gave me this amazing stack of papers that has totally redefined my perspective to business. Trust me, I know something another business owner doesn’t because I read this book!

He basically talks of treating your business as a franchise, even if you don’t plan to make it one. He makes you see that your business is not your life; you want to run a good one, make good money, while also living the life you want for yourself. He showed how to build systems and standards to how things should be done in your business, and so even when you’re not there, your business keeps going, and everyone involved remains accountable.


The 80/20 Principle

– By Richard Koch

Also known as the Pareto law, an age-old principle which asserts that:

80% of results come from 20% of efforts

There’s an imbalance in life.

This book helps to identify the most effective 20% work that gives you the 80% (or sometimes even more) of what you want to achieve, in any aspect of life. Smart people know it’s not everything you do that gives you what you want, but doing those specific things that give you most of your results; in student term, AOC (Area of Concentration).


Why You Act The Way You Do
-By Tim Lahaye

Thanks to this book, I’ve become part-psychologist!
It helped me read people to some extent, and not take things as personally as I used to. I’m able to relate with people better, knowing their basic nature and sort of speaking their language; this has helped to build my relationships.

It also, and most importantly, helped me to understand myself a lot better; my strengths, how to build on them, and weaknesses, knowing what I should work on.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
– By Stephen Covey

David Jordan said,

There is no excellence in all this world, which can be separated from right living

It’s that simple, no one was born exceptional or extraordinary, some people just choose to build those extra daily habits that eventually build their lives and make them the extraordinary people we celebrate today.


The Holy Bible


The one book, where everything you need to survive is.

So that’s it, a brief review of the 5 books that have built me till date, and I’ll read them again, there will be something new to learn.

Martin Luther King’s top 5

Now, I’m inspired to read some more books, what books have built you and what recommendations do you have for me?

Join the buzz on Twitter or Instagram by following the hashtag #builtbybooks or check out @auroralearn on both platforms.

Let’s learn from each other shall we?

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