What is it with Saturdays?

I won’t talk of how it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve posted here. Honestly, I have no excuse. See how difficult it is to keep up with consistency?

You say you’ll do something today, then tomorrow, uhmm Saturday, OK next Saturday…and 3 months pass by! That’s me right there.


Don’t you think Saturdays are ridiculously short?! I mean, it’s just 9am, and I’m having breakfast, taking life easy, next thing it’s 9pm. What? How?

Saturdays are not 24hrs, no they just can’t be. It’s impossible; it’s like every hour is halved. One minute, it’s Friday and TGIF, and then you close your eyes, and it’s Sunday!

Which one are you?

The only student who plans assignments for Saturday?

Or blogger who leaves writing till Saturday?

Or human who just keeps dropping work till it’s Saturday?

“I’ll do it on Saturday”

And Sunday comes, you start rushing things, and then get gloomy cause it’s almost MONDAY!


Why won’t you hate Mondays?

So here’s what I’ve concluded;

Leave Saturdays alone.

Something always comes up on Saturdays, even if it’s your bed.

Get stuff done before then, beat the mindset that you’ll get it done on Saturday, cause chances are, you won’t.

Imagine having a Saturday, and realizing you’ve done all your work during the week. How amazing would that be?

What’s your thought on Saturdays?

Share below.


P.S. it’s my first of the year. Just a little something to say “I’m back” 🙂

8 thoughts on “What is it with Saturdays?

  1. For me, not being in school and choosing to work at home has made almost everyday the same, well except Sundays. But I remember Saturdays used to give these stressful vibes back in school. I’m glad that’s over 😁


  2. Lol. I had a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend and I only achieved one. As a blogger, if you want to write on Saturday, my advice is to do it first thing in the morning i.e. as you open your eyes to the world and are done with your prayers just sit at your computer or with your notepad and write. If you say you’ll write after you’re done with chores or breakfast believe me you won’t write a thing.
    Great post Tosin. I hope you become very consistent with your writing this year cause I hope to read more from you. Cheers!

    Fehintola. http://www.fehintolaogunye.com/2018/01/10-things-blogging-has-taught-me-one.html


    1. Exactly. Just start immediately. Thanks a lot, honestly it’s your consistent posting that has inspired to keep blogging!


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