89 days to 2018

2018 is fast approaching.

I found out it was a 100 days to the end of the year when it was 99 days. I still wanted to write on that, to inspire myself and you to do something with the rest of the year.

So I decided I’d do a reminder instead. I know lots of us saw the 100-day reminder, read a few motivational posts, and got really inspired to make something new happen.

How’s that going?

In all honesty, the feeling that comes with the new year is no different from what comes a 100 days to another new year. We all like landmarks.

“Oh it’s a new year, I’m going to finally start this thing”

“Oh it’s a hundred days to go, that thing! Ok I won’t give up, I’ll pick it up again”

Remembering you have a goal, doesn’t make a difference from dreaming of the goal in the first place, if you still do nothing about it.

So it’s a 100 days to 2018; you got all the tips you need to refuel.

And then 99 days, and we get overwhelmed with activities and other things going on around, so 100 days is just another landmark to feel ‘something’.

Everyone likes landmarks. A day to feel renewed and revitalized for what’s coming, a day to ‘set goals’ and ‘make plans’. But then, those days pass by and not so fancy numbered days come by.

Where are our plans then?

I personally am a fan of fancy days. “Today is my birthday, a new year in my life, I’m a new age, I’ll start doing this and that because now, I’m a year older”.

But guess what, you didn’t get older in one day, you got older every single second before then. I love how a one-month old baby is very different from a two-month old baby, and so parents say “my baby is 18 months old!”

It doesn’t stop at that, we do grow everyday, every second because time does not care about landmarks.

If we focus on special days only and forget the hours and days that make success, then we miss the whole point of celebrating landmarks.

These are things I personally have learnt in my life; I used to love landmarks. Everything in my life always had something special attached to it. So much, if I just got a new piece of clothing, I’d always find a day to attach it to before I wore it! *covers face*

So what’s my point in all this?

Life goes on, and the achievements we celebrate are products of the hrs and days we spend on the little things. It’s the little drops we pour every second that make the mighty ocean.

Something for you

Yes, you just got inspired. I like to do that! And you agree with me, and you’d probably share this with someone.


Don’t let it waste. Do something now. Since we still like the new year regardless of how I’ve made it sound; remember that goal you set for 2018, do something about it today and stop dreaming about it.


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